Friday, November 15, 2013

Curry Up Now

I don’t know what all the flavors, spices and secret sauces are in these unique Indian-Mexican fusion street foods, but I do know that I love all of them. Both familiar and exotically new, these little bites will pop, dance, and sparkle in your mouth. Spicy, creamy, crispy, soft, all blending together magically on my tastebuds, washed down and perfectly balanced with cooling mango lassi, the food lingers in my memory. It’s a wonderful adventure for your palate, something to anticipate for days. I also love to see others’ faces when they first put these marvelous morsels in their mouths, along with the inevitable question, ‘What is this flavor?’ My response: ‘I have no idea, but I love it!’

If you don’t know what to order, take my advice and try these amazing snacks, all vegetarian:

- Itsy Bitsy Naan Bits, with Tikka Masala Dip
- Gol Gappa
- Guac Sev Puri
- Aloo Gobi Tacos
- Mango Lassi

With locations in Palo Alto, San Mateo, and San Francisco, Curry Up Now is working its way down the Peninsula and I’m sure will find fans wherever they go. I would love to work my way through the menu, but it's going to take time because I can't pull myself away from these instant favorites. Explore the flavors, textures, and curious combinations for yourself. The mystery makes it all the more sensational.